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Court absence 'due to head shop drugs'

A THEFT accused who failed to turn up in court said that he was unable to attend because he had been hospitalised after using head shop drugs.

Keith Donnelly (24) was facing multiple theft charges, including allegations that he stole from his own home, when he failed to appear in court.

Judge John O'Neill remanded him in custody, saying he could not grant him bail until he saw a written medical report.

Donnelly, of James Larkin House, North Strand, is charged with stealing a Dell notebook from his home address. He is also charged with stealing a TV and Blu-ray DVD player, as well as shoplifting 22 razors from McCabe's Pharmacy in Dundrum. The thefts are alleged to have happened on dates in March and April this year.

Asked why he had failed to appear on July 23, he told Dublin District Court: "I wasn't in court because I was after taking stuff from the head shops and I was in hospital."

The court heard he had been in hospital for two days and his mother had gone to court to explain to the gardai.

Asked by his solicitor Jenny McGeever if he would abide by bail conditions, he said: "Any conditions you could give me. Any at all."

Justice O'Neill said: "I don't understand why I don't have a piece of paper confirming all he has said, I have nil in terms of medical reports."

He refused bail and remanded Donnelly in custody, to appear again in Cloverhill District Court.