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Corporate boss tried to eat bag of BZP pills

A MANAGER at a high-tech multinational company tried to swallow a bag of illegal "party pills" when gardai caught him in a suspected drugs transaction on a Dublin Street, a court heard

Fergal Cleary (30) threw the rest of the BZP tablets on the ground and ran out in front of traffic. Dublin District Court heard he was intoxicated and acted in a "foolish and irresponsible" manner.

Judge Dermot Dempsey adjourned the case for a probation report.

Cleary, of Pine Valley Avenue, Rathfarnham, pleaded guilty to possession of drugs and obstructing a garda search at Pleasant Street, Dublin 8 on June 5 last.

The court heard gardai on beat duty saw the accused in a transaction and attempted to search him.


He ran out in front of oncoming traffic, tried to swallow a bag of tablets and threw the rest on the ground. When analysed, the tablets were Benzylpiperazine, with a value of €70.

The defendant had no previous drugs convictions but had been fined for public order offences. The accused was so intoxicated that when he was brought to the garda station, a doctor certified him incapable of being interviewed for four hours.

He had started drinking early in the evening and when he saw the garda, he panicked and stumbled across the road in front of traffic.


"He wasn't so intoxicated that he wasn't capable of trying to swallow," Judge Dempsey said. "It appears he stumbled away from the gardai rather than towards them."

Cleary had a history of depression and addiction to alcohol and drugs, his solicitor said. Despite this, he was able to hold down a full-time job as demand planning manager with Sandisk International in Swords.

His job involved him travelling several times a year to the US. The defendant was "seriously remorseful" for what he did, which was "foolish and irresponsible". He was living with his elderly parents.

Judge Dempsey adjourned the case to a date in December for a probation report and results of urinalysis tests.