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Convicted rapist hurled drunken abuse at gardai


John English

John English

John English

A CONVICTED rapist has been jailed for two months after he hurled threats and abuse at gardai who woke him when he fell asleep drunk in a taxi.

John English (37) failed to pay the fare and was driven to the garda station, where he shouted abuse at the gardai.

Sentencing him, Judge David McHugh said English should be "thoroughly ashamed of himself".

English, with an address at a guest house at Gardiner Street Lower, pleaded guilty to public drunkenness, breach of the peace and failing to pay a €41 taxi fare.

Blanchardstown District Court heard the incident happened at Main Street, Celbridge on February 28 last.

The accused got a taxi from Heuston Station and fell asleep in the cab.

The driver tried several times to wake him without success, before bringing him to the garda station, where he became highly abusive and made threats.

The court heard he had 31 previous convictions, including a recent one for failing to provide an address as a sex offender. He was currently serving an activated suspended sentence.

The accused was originally from Cork and had worked as a cabinet maker, his lawyer said.


English had no recollection of the incident as he had been intoxicated and fell asleep. He was remorseful for what had happened.

"This gentleman is in the habit of making a nuisance of himself," Judge McHugh said. "I do feel sympathetic towards the taxi driver."

The judge said he would like to make the sentence more "meaningful" but the maximum jail term was three months and the accused was entitled to less because of his guilty plea.

"He should be thoroughly ashamed of himself, I imagine, but that is a matter for himself."