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Cocaine in crisp bag boy gets 3 months jail

A 17-YEAR-OLD Dublin boy, who was caught with €1,400 worth of crack cocaine hidden in a bag of crisps, has been detained for three months.

The boy, who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and left school at the age of 14, had pleaded guilty in February at the Children's Court to possessing the drugs for sale or supply in Crumlin in Dublin, on April 21 last year.

His case was adjourned until yesterday for a probation report to be obtained.

Judge Clare Leonard said the boy, who was accompanied to court by his mother, had been offered services in relation to his drug and alcohol abuse problems.

"A lot of work has gone into this and he has rejected the help he has been offered," she said.

Judge Leonard noted that this was the boy's eighth court appearance and he had continued to come to Garda attention as she imposed a detention supervision order.

She directed a three-month custodial sentence followed by three months of supervision by the Probation and Welfare Service.

The boy asked "Can I hug my Ma?" and was told he could see her briefly before being sent to St Patrick's Institution.

Earlier Garda Michelle McGuinness had said: "I observed someone throw a bag of crisps in to the waste area, the accused caught this bag in his hand."

The crisp packet contained 14.6 grammes of crack cocaine worth €1,400.


The boy had also admitted drink-fuelled public order and criminal damage offences.

On October 2 last year after he "violently struggled" with gardai, he verbally abused the arresting officer.

He threatened to "cut" two men on August 30 last year, walked in front of traffic and was arrested for his own safety. At Kevin Street Garda station he urinated in a holding cell.

He admitted having a screwdriver for use in a theft on August last year. He also resisted arrest, urinated in a garda cell and tried to "self harm."