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Club raider took €155 from golfers' wallets

THIS is the compulsive gambler who broke into the locker room of a golf club and stole money from two golfers' wallets.

Eoin Galligan (56) had no money at the time of the incident and was looking for cash to continue his gambling.

A judge described the incident as a "very opportunistic crime", adding it was one that was very easy to commit.

Judge Patrick McMahon adjourned the matter until Friday to allow Galligan to bring compensation to court.

Galligan, of Clonliffe Avenue, Ballybough, Dublin, admitted burglary at Blanchardstown District Court.

The burglary took place at the Hermitage Golf Club, in Lucan, on May 21.

Garda Sergeant Maria Callaghan said Galligan broke into the locker room of the golf club and took €55 from one wallet and €100 from a second.

Sgt Callaghan said CCTV footage showed Galligan in the locker room when the money went missing. She said he was interviewed by gardai and admitted the burglary.


The court heard that Galligan has 76 previous convictions, mostly for similar theft-related matters. Defence solicitor Matthew Kenny said Galligan has a gambling addiction, an affliction which he has battled his whole life.

Mr Kenny said Galligan was in financial difficulties at the time of this offence, and he took the money, as he was down money due to his gambling.

The court heard Galligan is now attending Gamblers Anonymous.

Mr Kenny said Galligan works in his family's textile business. He is paid a wage and his sister deals with all the money and financial aspects of the business.

The solicitor said he did not cause any trouble for the gardai, and once he was identified and questioned he immediately admitted to the offence.

Mr Kenny acknowledged the offence was "particularly nasty", and said the defendant would like to bring some money to court to compensate the victims.

Judge McMahon adjourned the matter to Friday for sentencing so that Galligan can bring €155 to court.