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Cigarette row girl (17) in court

TWO Spanish women were beaten up by a teenage girl in Dublin's Temple Bar when they refused her a cigarette, a court heard.

The 17-year-old has been charged with assault causing harm to a female at the Central Bank Plaza in Dublin, following a row about a drink, on July 9. She is also accused of assaulting the two Spanish women causing them harm at Curved Street, Temple Bar, on April 8.

The girl, who is in care, was remanded to appear again in January for a hearing to determine the trial venue.

JFK shooting reporter dies

TOM Wicker, the US political reporter who filed stirring coverage of the assassination of John F Kennedy, has died at 85.

Wicker died his home in Rochester, Vermont, yesterday, after an apparent heart attack, his wife Pamela said.

In 1963, he was the only New York Times reporter travelling with Kennedy when the charismatic leader was shot in Dallas, Texas.

Mediterranean diet is the best

A DIET based on fish, legumes, vegetables and moderate amounts of alcohol has again been linked to lower chances of heart attacks.

New York study participants found that the closer their diets were to Mediterranean eating, with fish, olive oil, whole grains and vegetables, the lower their risk of death from vascular problems