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Choosy mum is jailed for hurling flowerpot at gardai handing out toys

A choosy mother-of-three stood in the middle of the road and hurled a flowerpot at a garda van in a tantrum over Christmas toys.

Nan Connors (44) cracked the front window of the garda community van with the flower pot -- and later acknowledged she was lucky she didn't injure gardai.

Tallaght District Court heard she also smashed the front passenger window of the garda van after she punched it three times.

A judge said he was "horrified" by Connor's behaviour and sentenced her to 30 days in prison.

Connors admitted public drunkenness and threatening and abusive behaviour. She also admitted to criminal damage in the incident outside her home at Kilcarrig Green, Tallaght, on December 21, 2008.

Garda Sgt Carmel Henry said gardai were delivering Christmas toys to children in the Tallaght area and and called to Connors' home with a box of toys.


Connors came out of the house and handed back the toys, to Garda Darren Rooney, complaining there weren't enough.

The sergeant said Connors was drunk and shouted insults at them. She then punched and smashed the front passenger window of the garda van.

The garda van turned to drive away but Connors stood in the middle of the road, holding a large ceramic flowerpot, and threw it at the van, cracking the front window. The damage to the vehicle was €395.

The court heard that Connors has no previous convictions.

Defence solicitor Jeremy Ring said Connors lived in Blackpool for a long number of years until she returned to Ireland in 2003, following the break-up of her relationship.

Mr Ring said Connors is a recovering alcoholic, who occasionally has "blips" in her recovery.

He said Connors was happy to receive the toys and wasn't ungrateful, but she had three children and the box only had toys for her youngest.

Mr Ring said the defendant had been drinking and explained her feelings in the wrong way. He said she was willing to pay for the damage.


Judge James McDonnell said he was horrified that Connors deliberately stood in the middle of the road holding a weapon which she threw at gardai.

The judge said she was lucky only to be charged with criminal damage. Judge McDonnell said the deliberate throwing of the flowerpot was "reprehensible" and "dangerous" and he sentenced Connors to 30 days in prison