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Chipper boss abused by teenager

A CHIP shop owner has been cleared of assaulting a teenager as he was removing him from his takeaway for annoying customers and shouting racial slurs at him.

Giuliano Di Murro (35) claimed the youth tried to headbutt him so he pushed his face away, and the teen accidentally banged his head off the shop door.

He also claimed the youngster was aggressive, calling him a "slanty-eyed freak" and an "Italian b*****d", and his behaviour was frightening.

The 16-year-old, who cannot be named by court order, alleged the accused punched him, grabbed his head and slammed it into the door.

But Judge Dermot Dempsey dismissed the charge, saying he believed Mr Di Murro was defending himself from an aggressive youth.

The businessman, of St Andrew's Park in Swords, had denied seriously assaulting the teenager during an altercation at Tony's Takeaway, Rivervalley Shopping Centre, Swords, on February 17.

Giving evidence, the teenager claimed he was hanging out with his friends outside the shop but denied he was in the shop or was asked to leave.

He denied his behaviour was aggressive or frightening towards customers and staff but accepted he called Mr Di Murro a "slanty-eyed freak", a "f**king pr**k" and an "Italian b*****d".

The teen also told Mr Di Murro to"f**k off and go back into your greasy, p***y chipper" and further admitted Mr Di Murro confiscated his football because he and his friends were kicking balls and banging trolleys at customers' cars.

The court heard he has previously barred from the shop for anti-social behaviour.

Witness Bill Field was buying chips when he saw the teenager approach Mr Di Murro, as if to headbutt him. Mr Di Murro pushed his face and he collided with the door.