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Chef struck garda in the head as he was restrained after fast food row


Matej Balaz

Matej Balaz

Matej Balaz

A DRUNKEN reveller became so enraged after his fast-food meal was taken off him by restaurant staff that a garda could not subdue him with either pepper spray or a baton, a court heard.

Chef Matej Balaz (20) repeatedly struck the officer in the head when he tried to restrain him in the incident at a Dublin city centre McDonald's after a work night out.

Balaz, of Ashbrook, Howth Road, Clontarf, pleaded guilty to garda obstruction, breach of the peace and public drunkenness at McDonald's on Grafton Street on June 9.

He also admitted criminal damage at Pearse Street Garda Station, where he smeared blood all over a cell after his eventual arrest.

Judge Michael Walsh said it was a shocking and "very serious attack" on the garda. He fined Balaz €300 and ordered him to pay €80 for the cell clean-up.

Sgt Zita Woods told Dublin District Court that gardai were called because the defendant and another man were arguing with security staff.

Balaz tried to push past the garda and became increasingly violent until he had to be restrained on the ground.

The garda was forced to pepper spray him, but this had no effect and he hit the officer several times on the head and body.


The garda then had to draw his baton and hit Balaz on the leg and arm, but this too had little effect. Urgent assistance was called and he was arrested.

Balaz had been at a work friend's leaving do and had too much to drink before going to McDonald's, his lawyer said.

He had a dispute with staff because his group's food was taken off them, and when he went to complain he became aggressive and it "escalated out of control".

He had no prior convictions.