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Cash-strapped shoplifting dad 'panicked' and gave false name


Gareth Guinan

Gareth Guinan

Gareth Guinan

A cash-strapped father-of-three who stole groceries from a supermarket gave arresting gardai a false name because he panicked.

Gareth Guinan (30) was struggling financially and had "too much time on his hands" when he stole the goods from a shop in south Dublin.

The accused, of Rutland Avenue, Crumlin, pleaded guilty to theft and giving gardai a false name.

Judge Kathryn Hutton gave him a three-month suspended sentence.

Dublin District Court heard that the incident happened at SuperValu, Walkinstown, last February 14.

Guinan went to the shop at 3.45pm, took €38 worth of groceries and left without paying. He was stopped by security, who called gardai.

When arrested, Guinan told gardai his name was Declan Murphy.


The accused had 41 previous convictions for offences including possession of drugs.

"On the day, he was struggling financially and when he went to the station he panicked and gave a false name," Guinan's solicitor Michael Kelleher told the court.

The defendant had "too much time on his hands" and was "too easily influenced".

He had now got a job and was moving on and taking his responsibilities seriously "late in life".

Guinan had not been aggressive to the garda or anyone in the shop.

He made a "foolish error" on the day, Mr Kelleher added.

Guinan's last previous convictions dated back to 2013 and he had "thought he had made a break" from offending, Mr Kelleher said.

He asked the judge to "see this as something of an aber- ration". All the goods were recovered.