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Cartel carpenter jailed for ferrying €350k of Kinahan cash


Glen Byrne has been jailed

Glen Byrne has been jailed

Glen Byrne has been jailed

A Carpenter who laundered cash for the Kinahan cartel has been jailed for three-and-a half years.

Glen Byrne (40) was caught with €350,000 during a stakeout.

Detectives believe the money - which was wrapped up into bales of €50,000 - was destined for senior criminal associates of the gang in Spain.

Byrne, of Belfry Square, Citywest, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to possessing the cash at a car wash on June 24 last year.

The court heard that the seven bales wrapped in masking tape were found in a box in a van driven by Byrne.

Judge Martina Baxter said Byrne had been part of a "planned and very well executed operation".

She described the possession of such a large amount of criminal proceeds as "serious and reprehensible".

The judge noted that the offence was not motivated by financial duress. Byrne had an impressive work history and had been a good employer.


"He had no declared drug addictions or debts and he was already a contributing member of his community when this offence occurred," she said.

Byrne had overcome many difficulties in his youth to create a good life for himself and his family.

The judge suspended the final six months of the sentence, taking into account Byrne's lack of previous convictions, his early guilty plea and the letters and testimonials on his behalf.

A co-accused, Paul Carew (41), of Saggart Court Lodge, Saggart, was jailed for eight years earlier this year for his role in the operation and two separate money-laundering offences.

The court had heard that Byrne and Carew were arrested during a surveillance operation tackling "large organised crime" inside and outside the country.

On the morning in question, Carew was followed by gardai as he left his home and drove to Walkinstown, where he got into a third co-accused's van and headed to the Dublin Auto Prestige car wash on Greenhills Road.

Carew was spotted taking a box containing €351,000 in cash out of one van and placing it into a van driven by Byrne, at which point all three men were arrested.