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Carer gouged woman's face with her nails, court hears





A CARER gouged a former friend's face with her nails and threatened to blind her, a court heard.

Sarah Nwanguma (48) also tried to attack Augusta Okafor with a shoe, but was pulled away before she could hit her.

Ms Okafor said she was left bleeding and half-naked as her blouse was ripped during the assault.

A court heard that the pair, who were once close friends, were attending a women's conference in west Dublin at the time.

In her evidence, Nwanguma claimed Ms Okafor hit her first and she was defending herself.

Finding her guilty of assault, Judge David McHugh said he was satisfied Nwanguma had told "a pack of lies" and the assault was vicious and unprovoked.

He ordered the defendant to complete 120 hours of community service in lieu of three months in prison.

Nwanguma, of Meile an Ri Crescent, Lucan, was found guilty before Blanchardstown District Court of seriously assaulting Ms Okafor at the Carlton Hotel in Tyrrelstown on December 9, 2012.

Ms Okafor said she was standing at the entrance to the conference room when she was pushed from behind.

She claimed her blouse was grabbed and the zip and sleeve ripped.

Ms Okafor said Nwanguma then grabbed a shoe and tried to hit her. She said she was crying and kept asking the defendant why she wanted to hit her.

Ms Okafor said Nwanguma walked off, leaving her half-naked.

She was taken upstairs to a bedroom where another woman gave her a change of clothing.

She claimed she was "shaken" but decided to stay for the conference.

She said she was leaving at the end of the night when Nwanguma came over to her again and threatened to blind her and kill her.

Ms Okafor said Nwanguma grabbed her jewellery at her neck, leaving her with a scar.

She also claimed the defendant scratched her with her nails, leaving her bleeding and with bruising and scrapes to her face.

Ms Okafor accepted that the women were once good friends but the friendship had soured.

She denied she approached Nwanguma and hit her first.

Nwanguma, a mother of seven, said she was going in to the conference hall when Ms Okafor hit her.

She also said she was about to hit her back, but a man held her raised hand and stopped her.

She denied she caused the scrapes to Ms Okafor's face.