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Car raider claims pills wiped his memory of his thefts

A YOUTH with 41 previous convictions, who has been out of school since the age of 10, has been remanded in custody pending sentence for two stealing two cars.

The 17-year-old had no memory of his two latest crimes last August and July because he had been heavily abusing sleeping tablets at the time, the Dublin Children's Court heard.

The boy pleaded guilty to two counts of motor theft and two of unlawfully interfering with cars as well as criminal damage and theft of a mobile phone.

Judge Catherine Staines heard that the boy's fingerprints had been found on the two cars, which had been stolen from locations in north Dublin. One, a Mitsubishi Pajero, was taken from Bewleys Hotel just off the N32.

The court heard that the teenager already had 41 prior convictions and is serving a detention sentence, which is due to end in September.


Judge Staines noted the teen's guilty plea to the six charges and was told by defence counsel Ann Sheridan that the defendant had "little or no education", having left school at age 10.

"He was in and out of various institutions since the age of 11, his parents separated two years ago and he lived with his mother. His father is a recovering heroin addict," she said.

Ms Sheridan told the court that at the time of the offences, the teenager "had been taking sleeping tablets for some time".

She submitted that the teenager had developed a problem and "cannot remember the crimes or anything from July or August last year".

Counsel said the boy has been getting counselling for his addiction problems in custody and planned to continue receiving help when he is released from custody.

Judge Staines said the boy had been involved in very serious offences and that she would be imposing a custodial sentence.

She sought a probation report and adjourned the case for two weeks indicating that he would be given a one-year term followed by a period of post-release supervision.