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Car blaze teenager went off rails after parents separated

THIS is the teenager who caused more than €3,000 worth of damage after he set fire to a car.

Adam O'Brien (19) avoided a conviction after he brought €1,100 compensation to court.

Judge Anthony Halpin ordered O'Brien to enter into a peace bond for one year.

The defendant, of Kilmartin Drive in Tallaght, had admitted before Tallaght District Court to a charge of criminal damage at Cheeverstown Road in Tallaght around 8pm on November 11 last year.



A total of €3,700 worth of damage was done to the 2003-registered car, which was a write-off following the arson attack.

The court heard that the owner claimed the damage, which was €3,700, on his insurance and the insurance company paid out €3,000.

The court heard that O'Brien has no previous convictions.

Defence solicitor Kevin Tunney said O'Brien's parents separated seven years ago and this caused him to go somewhat "off the rails".

Mr Tunney said the defendant, who is unemployed and on social welfare, is trying to get on to a fitness course.

The court heard this incident was out of character for O'Brien, and that he had compensation in court.


Mr Tunney said the defendant's parents were fully supportive of him.

His mother thinks that he might be suffering from depression.