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Cancer blunder mum's daughter awarded €135k

A GRAVELY ill woman who is "living through a nightmare" as a result of a misdiagnosis of an aggressive form of breast cancer has settled her High Court action on undisclosed terms.

A claim on behalf of the woman's young daughter was also settled yesterday, including a payment of €135,000 towards her future care.

The court was told the woman, who is in her 40s, was concerned for her daughter's future in the context of her own serious illness and the fact that the child's father had no contact with either of them.

Counsel for the woman and child, Edward Walsh, said his client was a very private woman who had not advised members of her family about her diagnosis and prognosis.


She was trying to deal with it but the stress involved meant she was living through a nightmare, he said.

Mr Walsh told the court that a misdiagnosis of the woman's condition had occured at a hospital.

The mother and daughter brought an action against a doctor and another party.

The mother has stage four cancer and her prognosis is grim.

Mr Walsh said the case involves tragic circumstances where the mother's survival prospects may not extend beyond a period of months.

His client had greater optimism but that was in the face of the medical evidence, he added.

Mr Justice O'Neill said he had read the reports in the case and it was apparent there were difficulties.

In all the circumstances, he regarded the decision to recommend the offer in the child's case as prudent and he would approve that settlement.