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Businessman was four times over drink limit


Gardai take part in a drink driving crack down

Gardai take part in a drink driving crack down

Gardai take part in a drink driving crack down

A FRANCHISE businessman who was four times over the legal drink-driving limit has been found guilty at Swords District Court of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Mike Ruding (67) had pleaded not guilty to the offence which occurred last September 9 on Rathbeale Road, Swords.

Ruding, of The Hopyard, Ballyboughil, Co Dublin, was convicted and fined €500 and disqualified from driving for three years for the offence after Judge Dermot Dempsey found him guilty.

Gda Shane McGuinn gave evidence that at 9.05pm a car driven by Ruding pulled out of the Castle Shopping Centre car park and drove out in front of a patrol car.

"He didn't stop or yield and while we were following him, his car started to swerve across a broken white line on the Rathbeale Road a number of times," said Gda McGuinn.

He said that when he arrest- ed Ruding he gave a urine sample of 276mg/100ml. The legal drink driving limit is 67mg/100ml urine.

He said Ruding told him he was collecting food from a takeaway and had drunk a couple of glasses of wine beforehand.


The defence solicitor put it to Gda McGuinn that Ruding had opted to provide a blood sample but the doctor could not get a vein in his arm.

The solicitor argued that Ruding had opted to give the blood sample, that this information must be written down and that the statutory steps had not been complied with.

Judge Dermot Dempsey said Gda McGuinn had given clear evidence that Ruding had only opted to give urine and accepted the officer's evidence before convicting.

The judge was told that Ruding has no previous convictions. The solicitor said his client had made an "unwise decision" to drive having drunk alcohol.

"His judgment was clouded," said the solicitor.