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Bus driver threw off disabled man

A FORMER civil servant who was semi-paralysed after suffering a stroke told a court he was pushed off a bus by the driver.

Sean McGuinness (62) said he hit his head off the path and was left crying for help with his feet still on the bus and his body on the ground.

Mr McGuinness, of The Square, Blackrock, Co Louth, said he suffered a stroke in 2008 and a year later was in the Mater Hospital, Dublin, for tests and treatment.

He told his barrister Donough McDonough yesterday that the incident happened after he got on a bus in O'Connell Street.

"I muttered something under my breath about the fare being expensive and the driver told me I hadn't put in enough."

Mr McGuinness, who was using a stick and had to be helped to walk, said the driver had told him to get off and had threatened to call the gardai. The driver pushed him off the bus and he had fallen and hit his head against the footpath.

He was taken back to hospital by ambulance, where tests showed he had not fractured his skull but suffered concussion.

Gerard O'Herlihy, opposing an application for aggravated damages against Dublin Bus, said liability had been conceded early in the case. Dublin Bus accepted Mr McGuinness had fallen as a result of the bus driver having pushed him.

Judge Matthew Deery, awarding Mr McGuinness €12,000 damages, said it was difficult to assess what pain he suffered as a result of his fall and as a result of his stroke.