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'Burglaries on OAPs make my blood boil' - man who shot raider


Graham Lowndes

Graham Lowndes

The scene of the aggravated burglary which occurred in Kettle’s Lane, near Swords

The scene of the aggravated burglary which occurred in Kettleā€™s Lane, near Swords


Graham Lowndes

A man who shot a convicted thief after he was caught raiding his father's home has said it makes his blood boil when he hears about elderly people being burgled.

Graham Lowndes (51), from Swords in north county Dublin, was speaking after receiving the Probation Act after admitting having a firearm without a certificate on the day he shot Matthew Fahey (36) in the left arm on April 12, 2012.

Lowndes walked free from Dublin Circuit Court last Friday, but warned others who are put into his position to contact gardai and not act rashly in the heat of the moment.

Fahey, who has 61 convictions for theft, burglary and car theft, was hit in the arm after he was caught raiding the house of Graham's elderly father, Richard, in the townland of Kilsallaghan, Swords.

He is now suing Graham Lowndes in a civil case after being treated for having 17 shotgun pellets in his arm.

"I'm delighted with the result. It has been a long time and I am relieved now that the criminal element of it is finished with," Mr Lowndes said.

"However, it still makes my blood boil when I hear about other burglaries and attacks on elderly people. I still worry about my father, and I wouldn't wish that worry on anyone."

But Mr Lowndes said that following his court case he would urge others to be cautious if they ended up in a similar situation where they are confronting trespassers or burglars.


"I would advise people not to be rash in the heat of the moment, but to call the gardai," he said.

Mr Lowndes said hearing that a man in his 80s who was living alone in the Swords area and was burgled in a separate and unrelated attack last Friday has made him realise that people are powerless against this type of crime.

The latest victim is recovering after being attacked by a gang of three masked thugs who broke into the pensioner's farmhouse on Kettle's Lane near Swords between 3am and 4am on Friday morning.

They were armed with weapons, described as bats and sticks, and threatened the man. Gardai say the gang then demanded money from the frightened farmer, and assaulted him.

"The three male offenders were wearing dark clothing and balaclavas," said a garda spokesman.

"They then fled the scene with a small amount of cash, but the direction they went and the mode of transport they used is unknown," he added.