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Burglar tried to jump out bedroom window


Gardai are investigating the incident

Gardai are investigating the incident

Gardai are investigating the incident

A BURGLAR with a "notorious record" was caught by gardai as he tried to jump from a first-floor bedroom window in a house he had broken into, a court heard.

John Hanley (23) had forced his way in with a screwdriver when the alarm was raised and gardai arrived.

He was jailed for six months and given another six-month suspended sentence at Blanchardstown District Court.

Hanley, of Drom Na Coille Avenue, Lucan, admitted trespassing and causing criminal damage to the front door of a house on Lohunda Road, Clonsilla, on June 6 last year.

He also admitted burglary and possession of a screwdriver with intent to commit a bur- glary at Ballyowen Drive, Lucan, last February 19.

The court heard gardai called to the house on Lohunda Road at 11am after an intruder was seen entering the back door.

Hanley had forced the door open using a screwdriver. He was apprehended upstairs as he tried to jump out of the bedroom window.

On June 6 last year, the householder reported a break-in and the accused was later identified on CCTV and arrested.


Hanley had 62 previous convictions and was already serving a sentence for another offence when he came before the court.

His prior convictions were for offences including burglary and criminal damage.

Hanley's first child was on the way, his solicitor Terence Hanahoe said. The accused had been taking drugs since he was 16 years of age.

Hanley had been in the Midlands Prison but was attacked by a number of people and "did not enjoy his stay there". He was then moved to Cork.

"This gentleman has a notor- ious record and it exercises the mind how he continually wishes to commit such offences," Judge David McHugh said.

The second six-month sentence was suspended for two years.