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Burglar (15) under threat of decapitation jailed for five months


Gardai found the body of a woman in her 40s in a house in Co Mayo

Gardai found the body of a woman in her 40s in a house in Co Mayo

Gardai found the body of a woman in her 40s in a house in Co Mayo

A teen burglar, whose drug-fuelled criminal activities saw him threatened with decapitation before he was driven out of his neighbourhood, has been sentenced to five months' detention.

At Dublin Children's Court the boy (15) pleaded guilty to a litany of theft, burglary and attempted burglary charges as well as knife possession and criminal damage in connection with incidents in west Dublin.

He broke bail conditions, had recently been assaulted and gardai continued to be concerned for the teen's safety.

The court had heard neighbours were fed up with him and blamed him for a crime spree in their locality. His mother feared for his safety due to threats.

"These people are not people to mess with," she had said during a previous hearing.

She also said she was afraid for her safety and that of her family. His granny said she could not have him in her home any more and locals had wanted her evicted because of his activities.

The grandmother said that she has been told that the boy "was going to be shot" and "going to be decapitated" if he returned to the area.

Last October - after spending a period in custody on remand - he was granted bail on condition he took up a placement on a residential programme for troubled youths. However, by the end of March he absconded and refused to go back because he did not like the regime.


Judge John O'Connor said the teen, who had five prior criminal convictions, had been given every chance by the court.

After hearing there was "a fear of self harming" he ordered that the boy get medical attention in custody. He will also be on supervised probation for five months after his release.

The court also heard that while awaiting sentence he had arrested at his home "heavily intoxicated" for possessing a knife. The boy's prior convictions included knife possession, burglary, possessing stolen property and arson.

The boy has pleaded guilty to two counts of trespassing with intent to commit theft, theft of about €2,000 worth of power tools, stealing a €200 mountain bike, and three counts of attempted burglary. These incidents took place at seven locations, all residential addresses, on September 29 last year.

He admitted criminal damage to a car, possessing a knife and possessing a wooden pole as a weapon during a row at a relation's home, on a date last August. He has also admitted possessing a knife as a weapon on September 4 last year and skipping court on another date.

The teenager had told the court that he wanted to get help. However, Judge O'Connor said he had "nothing to go on" to consider granting bail.