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Bullets shown to murder trial jury

A MURDER trial jury has been shown fragments of bullets recovered from the body of the deceased as well as several bullets found in the car where he was shot.

A ballistics expert presented the exhibits to the Central Criminal Court yesterday.

Detective Garda Jeanette O'Neill was giving evidence in the trial of a 21-year-old Dubliner accused of murdering a 20-year-old man and attempting to murder the victim's two friends.

David Patchell, of Rossfield Crescent, Tallaght, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Stephen O'Halloran on January 19, 2009, at Kilmartin Drive, Tallaght.

He has also denied attempting to murdering Paul Core and Anthony Harte and to causing them serious harm on the same occasion when all three were sitting in Mr O'Halloran's car outside his home.

Det Garda O'Neill said she was given fragments from bullets found in Mr O'Halloran's hand, neck and oesophagus when she attended his post-mortem exam the following day.


She could see he had received gunshot wounds to his head and upper arms as well as to his neck. She found seven bullets and a bullet fragment inside his car and recovered a live round of ammunition and nine discharged cartridge cases from the ground in front of the car.

The detective said that one assailant fired from outside the front driver's side towards the front driver's side and that another fired from outside the front passenger side into the front passenger side. She found two semi-automatic Glock pistols in a nearby garden.

The Crime Scene Manager, Detective Sergeant John Higgins, said another discharged cartridge casing was later found underneath the car, having probably fallen through the engine area.

He testified that this casing, along with one found in the driver's side of the windscreen well, and another found on the ground near the front passenger side of the car all came from one of the Glocks recovered.

In his opinion, these three were discharged from the passenger side of the car. "The remainder were discharged from the other Glock pistol," he said.

The case continues.