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Builder took hospital hand gel in craving for drink

A MAN stole hand-sanitising gel from a Dublin hospital because he was "desperate" for its high alcohol content.

Krzysztof Krzywicki (32) had been told he was not going to be paid for four months of contract work he had carried out when he went to the hospital and stole the gel.

A judge said she would recommend a community service order if he is found suitable.

Krzywicki, of Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1, pleaded guilty to the theft.

Garda Orla Bambrick told Dublin District Court that Krzywicki had entered the hospital on October 31 last year and removed the hand gel from a dispenser.

It was worth €50 and no damage was caused to the dispenser. Judge Patricia McNamara asked what the reason for taking the hand sanitiser was.


The garda said it was to drink because it had alcohol and added that the problem was common.

Krzywicki had eight previous convictions for offences, including theft and public order breaches.

The defendant, who had been in Ireland for seven years had come here to find work in the construction industry.

At the time of the incident, he had been going through severe difficulties - he had been working on contract for four months and was promised payment, but this fell through.

"He was in dire straits, he wanted to drink alcohol but he had no money to do so and he went to St James's and took the hand sanitiser with the intention of drinking it," said the defendant's barrister.

Krzywicki, who was originally from Poland, had had problems with depression.

He was now awaiting tests in relation to stomach and liver problems.

"Given the desperate nature of the offence, I would ask the court to consider something other than a custodial sentence", his barrister said.


Judge McNamara said she wished to recommend 80 hours' community service instead of a two-month sentence.

However, the court heard the Probation Service needed to find out the outcome of his health tests before this could happen,

The judge adjourned the case for two months.