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Brothers stormed house in row over 'bullied son'

TWO men forced their way into a house and threatened a woman after one of their sons claimed he had been bullied by the woman's son, a court heard.

Francis Watson (31) and his brother John (38) were forced out of the house in Clondalkin after the victim's neighbour came to her help.

The men smashed a lamp in the hallway during the argument. A court heard they were both drunk and would never have behaved in such a manner if they were sober.

Judge Hugh O'Donnell adjourned the matter for two weeks to allow the men to pay compensation for the damage.

Francis Watson, of Iveagh Hostel, Bride Road, Dublin 8, and John Watson, of Dolphin House, in Rialto, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to charges of burglary and criminal damage.

The incident took place at an estate in Clondalkin on November 7 last year.


The court heard the men were in Dublin city centre when Francis got a call from his son who was very upset and claiming that he had been bullied by another youth.

The pair came out to Clondalkin, got the boy to show them where the alleged bully lived, and forced their way through the front door.

They were confronted by a woman, and there was an argument during which a lamp was broken. The men made threats to the woman.

A neighbour overheard the commotion and he came to the woman's aid and forced the men out. The judge adjourned the matter for two weeks to allow the men bring compensation to court for the lamp.