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Brothers hit gardai after mum fell over

THREE brothers attacked gardai in a violent street brawl, raining punches on the officers when they "lost control" because their sick mother had fallen in the melee.

A garda was left with a broken tooth when one of the brothers, who runs an inner city football club, struck him repeatedly in the face.

Another officer had bruising and abrasions on his face when a second brother, a former boxer, punched him.

Dublin District Court heard the men reacted violently after their mother (61), who has cancer, became involved and fell.

Judge Bridget Reilly jailed Daryl Brady for 10 months and his brothers Adam Brady and James Brady for 13 months each at Dublin District Court.

The incident happened at Sean McDermott Street in the north inner city on August 22, 2009.

The accused, all with the same address at Champion's Avenue, Dublin 1, pleaded guilty to violent disorder in the incident.

James Brady (36) also admitted two counts of assault on Garda Brian Ahern and obstruction. Daryl Brady (22) admitted assaulting Garda Conor Cooper and failing to obey garda directions, while Adam Brady (23) pleaded guilty to assaulting Garda Ahern and two counts of obstruction.


Sgt Ronan Dunne, of Fitzgibbon Street Garda Station, told the court two gardai were on duty at 6.20pm when they came across a verbal altercation between two groups of men. The men refused to leave the area and Gardai Mark Deasy and Brian Ahern arrived as back-up.

James Brady kicked the door of their patrol car when it arrived, hitting Garda Ahern as he was getting out. He then punched the garda on the nose, causing it to bleed.

Brady violently resisted arrest by Garda Deasy, who was assaulted by other members of the group. Sgt Dunne said it was a busy thoroughfare and the melee put members of the public in fear.

Adam Brady punched Garda Ahern in the face several times, breaking a tooth which required a crown. He then ran away and was only apprehended after a chase.

Daryl Brady refused to leave the area when directed to do so and struck Garda Cooper on the face a number of times, causing minor bruising and abrasions.

The court heard James Brady had 52 previous convictions, Daryl had 25 and Adam had no criminal record.

"I have been instructed to offer an unreserved apology to the members present on my clients' behalf for their appalling behaviour," their barrister Emmet Nolan said.

The court heard Daryl Brady had been the victim of an assault on the evening and later encountered the people who had attacked him.

The family home was nearby and the accused's mother came out and "intervened in an inappropriate manner" with the garda. In the melee, she fell to the ground, causing Daryl Brady to "lose control of himself" when he was approached by the gardai.

His two brothers "came to his assistance".

The court heard the accused came from a family of 10 siblings.