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Brothers facing trial over alleged role in assault on Mansfield with sword & blades

Accused face false imprisonment charge


James Mansfield Jnr

James Mansfield Jnr

Accused Martin Wall

Accused Martin Wall


James Mansfield Jnr

Two brothers are facing trial after businessman James Mansfield Jnr was allegedly attacked in a violent raid at his home by a gang of sword and blade-wielding intruders.

Martin and Edward Wall have both had new charges brought against them, for allegedly falsely imprisoning and assaulting Mr Mansfield in the incident last year.

The son of late billionaire hotelier Jim Mansfield Snr was punched in the face by Martin Wall, who then swung an ornamental sword around, it is alleged.

The cases were adjourned at Dublin District Court for the preparation of books of evidence.

Martin Wall (40), of Woodbine House, Pollardstown, Curragh, Co Kildare, and his brother Edward 'Ned' Wall (48), of Fortunestown Crescent, Tallaght, were already charged with aggravated burglary with weapons.

Martin Wall is alleged to have had a sword and Edward Wall a bladed weapon at Mr Mansfield's home at Tasaggart House, Garter Lane, Saggart, on November 1, last year.

At their latest court appearance, they were further charged with false imprisonment and assault causing harm.


The prosecuting garda said neither accused made any reply to the charges after caution and the DPP was directing trial on indictment.

Bail was extended from the original charges, with Judge Bryan Smyth remanding them on continuing bail to appear in court again in September.

The accused were not required to address the court and have not yet entered pleas.

The aggravated burglary charge first came before Blanchardstown District Court last November, when evidence was given during a bail hearing that a gang of five, some armed with Stanley blades, entered Mr Mansfield's house.

At the time, Detective Sergeant Darragh Kenny said both accused were known to Mr Mansfield.

It was alleged that Edward Wall arrived in a 4x4 jeep and was admitted by Mr Mansfield's ex-wife. He was upset over "a horse and where it was to be kept", and had a conversation in the living room with Mr Mansfield, the court heard.

The discussion became heated and it was alleged Edward Wall summoned others from the jeep by phone, telling Mr Mansfield he could "tell what he told Mr Wall to the rest of the gang", Det-Sgt Kenny added.


Martin Wall and others allegedly entered the house without permission. Some or all of the group had Stanley blades, Det- Sgt Kenny said.

It was alleged Mr Mansfield was punched in the face twice by Martin Wall who then picked up an ornamental sword and swung it, hitting a door.

It was alleged Edward Wall punched another man who was in the house and others threw furniture around the room.

Det-Sgt Kenny said CCTV footage showed Edward Wall entering the house, and then Martin Wall leaving the house with the sword.

Mr Mansfield's ex-wife Donna Mansfield told gardai that when she went to pick up the phone, an unknown member of the group, not the accused, told her "not to call the gardai or she would be shot".

The prosecution would say the accused were among a "group of five, clearly acting in concert from start to finish", Det-Sgt Kenny said.

At that bail hearing, defence solicitor Lorraine Stephens said the accused were presumed innocent.

Martin Wall was a father-of-six and was on disability allowance, she said. The accused "strenuously denied any involvement" and would contest the case, she said.

Bail was granted, subject to conditions and they have both since taken bail up.


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