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Brother said he'd have garda shot

THE brother of a gangland murder victim has been jailed for making a "credible threat" that he would have a garda shot.

Harry McDonagh (20), brother of slain Christopher 'Git' McDonagh, made a chilling threat to see that the young officer was "blown away" during a drugs search. McDonagh, a crack cocaine abuser and convicted dealer, was given a nine-month sentence for threatening to kill Garda Sean O'Neill after a car he was in was stopped in south Dublin.

The accused, of Rafter's Lane, Drimnagh, had denied the charge, under the Non Fatal Offences Against The Person Act. Convicting McDonagh, Judge Victor Blake praised the "courage" that Garda O'Neill had shown in giving evidence against the accused.

Garda O'Neill told Dublin District Court that the accused was one of four people in a Volkswagen Passat that was stopped on the Crumlin Road at 3.20pm on September 3, 2009.

He felt two of them were trying to conceal something and told them he was carrying out a drug search. The four became aggressive. "Harry McDonagh leaned over the occupant who was sitting beside him and said to me, 'if you don't stop harassing me, I will have you blown away'," Garda O'Neill said.

"From the intelligence in my possession I believed it to be a credible threat, and along with the aggression of the driver, I was in fear at the scene. Those words to me mean that he would have me shot."

A charge of possession of €850 of crack cocaine with intent to supply was dismissed.