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Brawl case went to criminal court but charges withdrawn

THE brawl that left the bathroom of Lucan Golf Club covered in blood ended up in a criminal court -- before charges were withdrawn.

The fight which took place at the club in March 2003 over a Manchester United game was investigated by gardai but the case was withdrawn before a judge could rule on it.

Judge Joseph Matthews has described the bathroom incident saying it was like "a scene from the Sopranos". A garda spokesperson confirmed that the case now being heard in the civil court was investigated by gardai at the time but withdrawn when it came for hearing in the criminal courts.

"The incident at Lucan Golf Club was subject to a garda investigation and went before the courts on July 29, 2003," a Garda spokesman said.


"The case was withdrawn at this stage and involved a breach of Section 3 of the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act assault causing harm."

Leeds supporter Alan Holmes claims he was head-butted in the toilets by fellow member Martin Curtis following a dispute about a €100 bet against Manchester United.

The dispute began when Holmes began taking €5 bets on the match from his fourball and Mr Curtis interrupted and waved two €50 notes and asked him whether he wanted to cover a €100 bet against United.

Alan Holmes says he was washing his hands in the bathroom when Curtis had head-butted him in the nose. He also received injuries to his jaw, chest and groin.

Mr Curtis will give evidence today claiming that Holmes had made no attempt to use the facilities in the toilet but had obstructed him with his chest before grabbing him and punching him. The golf club controversy took a twist yesterday when it was claimed a leading member was trying to "ready up" stories.


Club member Joe McAuley, yesterday denied he attended a meeting in a local hotel to "ready up" stories about a clash between two members in the gents' toilet. He also denied he told golfer Craig McEvoy to "stick to what you were told to say" about a bar-room confrontation between Holmes and Curtis.