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Brain-damaged girl's €12m award after A&E failure


Declan Kilgallon with photo of daughter Robyn outside court

Declan Kilgallon with photo of daughter Robyn outside court

Declan Kilgallon with photo of daughter Robyn outside court

The High Court has approved a €12m settlement for a nine-year-old girl who suffered brain damage after she was allegedly not admitted on time to hospital after contracting bacterial meningitis.

Robyn Kilgallon, through her mother Cabrini Fallon, sued the HSE after she was taken to Sligo General Hospital A&E Department on February 1, 2011, aged only 10 months.

It was claimed the HSE had been negligent on grounds including that there was a failure to admit and treat her for suspected bacterial infection.

It was claimed that the failure to admit Robyn, of Caltragh Road, Sligo, when she first presented allowed the condition to progress unchecked, resulting in her suffering brain damage.

Liability in the action was admitted.


The court heard Robyn's parents took her to hospital after a referral by a GP who was worried she had a viral infection.

Despite having a high temperature, vomiting, floppiness in her body, and rolling eyes, Robyn's parents were told to take her home.

They said the doctor told them Robyn's blood tests did not suggest anything to be concerned about.

However, over the next few hours Robyn's condition did not improve and she was readmitted to hospital the next day.

On that occasion, Robyn was very ill, unresponsive and had a seizure. She was taken to an intensive care unit.

Robyn was transferred to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast and spent several days in an isolation unit, where she was diagnosed with meningitis.

However, she had already suffered significant brain injuries. This, it was claimed, was due to the failure to treat her at the Sligo hospital.

Robyn has development delay and difficulty communicating. She will require assistance for the rest of her life

The court was told Robyn's mother and her father, Declan Kilgallon, plan to move to a new home fitted out to accommodate Robyn's needs.

A statement read outside court on behalf of the family said the HSE had apologised to them last week, for which they were very thankful.

However, they would still like to hear of measures put in place to prevent anything like this happening again.