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Boys (18) hit and pushed gardai on the street

A YOUTH, who was detained in July for possessing a gun, has admitted attacking a garda on Dublin's Grafton Street.

A teenage co-defendant, who had to be subdued by gardai using pepper spray, was fined in lieu of a custodial sentence.

Jamie Tighe (18) of Primrose Grove, Darndale, in north Dublin admitted attacking Garda Gareth Kane on September 19 last year.

Co-defendant, 18-year-old Adam Barrett, of Spencer Dock, in Dublin 1, pleaded guilty to assaulting Garda David Griffin during the same incident.

He also admitted driving without a licence or insurance on a separate date.

Both were juveniles at the time but have since reached adulthood, Judge Gerard Haughton heard at the Dublin Children's Court.

Garda Griffin told Judge Haughton he stopped Tighe to speak to him because of his behaviour. He said Tighe "struck out" at Garda Kane's chest and was "pulling at his stab vest".


Garda Griffin said he had been arresting a third individual, not before the court, at which point Barrett approached. "He pulled at my arms, was pulling around my neck and pulling me off the individual I was trying to arrest," Garda Griffin said.

Barrett was restrained after pepper spray was deployed.

Tighe had 27 prior criminal convictions and is currently serving a sentence imposed by the Circuit Court for possessing a firearm. Barrett had two convictions for motoring offences.

Garda Griffin agreed that both men were under the influence of alcohol at the time.

Imelda Kelly, for Tighe, said he was given a five-year sentence for a firearms offence but had three years suspended.

She said he was doing educational courses in custody, had suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and also had "cognitive difficulties".

Judge Haughton said the incident was serious and imposed a three-month term on Tighe, to run concurrently to his existing sentence.

Barrett was fined €300 for assaulting Garda Griffin. He also received a four-year driving ban and further fines totalling €350, for the motoring offences.