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Boys (14) charged with sex attack on girls (13)

THREE 14-year-old boys have appeared in court charged with sexually assaulting two young girls.

A detective sergeant told the Children's Court that the girls had been out walking when one of the boys took a mobile phone from them.

They followed them to get it back and it was alleged that "over 20 minutes they were sexually assaulted to various degrees by the boys".

He alleged that the girls were groped and one of the boys tried to perform a sex act on her.

One of the boys exposed himself to the girls, he said.

"He threatened to kill the girl if she told anyone," the detective had also said in an outline of the allegations.


This boy's barrister had pleaded for the case to be kept in the juvenile court.

He said his client, was aged 13 at the time, had no prior criminal convictions and had made admissions.

He had said the teen had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) for which he is now taking Ritalin medication which had "calmed him down a lot."

It's alleged the crime occurred in a primary school yard.

The detective had also told the court that the second defendant held one of the girls down as the first boy tried to have sex with her, and he pulled off some of her clothing.

The third defendant allegedly asked one of the girls to perform oral sex on him.

He also attempted to pull the second girl's trousers off, it was alleged.

The boys had been charged at the Children's Court with two counts of sexual assault of the girls, then aged 13, on the grounds of a Dublin primary school, in April last year.


However, after a hearing of the allegations it had been held that the case was too serious to be retained in the jurisdiction of the juvenile court and should be sent forward to the Circuit Criminal Court, which has wider sentencing powers.

The three teens, accompanied to their case by parents, were served with books of evidence at the Children's Court.

Judge Brian Sheridan made an order sending them forward for trial to the Circuit Court. They must notify the prosecution within 14 days if they intend to use alibi evidence.

Legal aid was granted and the trio were remanded on bail with conditions that they must not have any contact with each other and "have no contact directly or indirectly with the injured parties or their families or homes".