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Boyfriend's dad raped me in car -- woman tells court

A WOMAN has claimed in court that she was raped by her boyfriend's father after he gave them a lift home from the pub.

The 18-year-old woman said she and her boyfriend accepted a lift home after a night's drinking.

She said he dropped his son off first and was driving her home when he pulled into a laneway and raped her.

The 45-year-old man has pleaded not guilty at the Central Criminal Court to raping and sexually assaulting the woman on August 13, 2006 in County Wexford.

She told prosecuting counsel, Gerald Clarke, that she had been in a relationship with her boyfriend for several years. She said she had eight to ten vodka and cokes at the pub and was "tipsy but not falling around the place."

The accused offered them a lift home. She got in the back seat with her boyfriend but asked if she could get into the passenger seat because it was easier to smoke a cigarette out of that window.


She said her boyfriend asked her to stay with him and she refused because she did not want to get into trouble with her family.

The accused drove towards her house but she said he continued past it and pulled the car in further down the road. She said he leaned to kiss her but she turned her head and asked him to take her home.

She said he then pulled into a lane and again started to try kiss her.

She said she tried to push him off and he said, "Do you not want this?" She said she replied that she did not and that she loved his son.

She said she started crying and pleading with him to stop but he continued while saying, "What's wrong? What's wrong?" She said he started to sexually assault her and asked her if she was "on the pill".

She said she lied to him that she was not "on the pill" in the hope that he would stop but he continued regardless, calling her a "foolish girl" for not carrying condoms.

She said he then raped her and afterwards apologised, saying her boyfriend "can probably do it better."

She said he then drove her home and she ran straight into her sister's room and told her what happened. The gardai were called and she was taken to hospital.

The trial continues.