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Boy threw hatchet at garda trying to arrest his father

A TEENAGER, who threw a hatchet at a garda in a bid to prevent his father being arrested for domestic violence, has been remanded on continuing bail pending sentence.

The 16-year-old boy has pleaded guilty at the Children's Court to possessing a hammer and a plank of wood as weapons and obstructing an arrest, at a Dublin halting site last July.

Judge Bryan Smyth adjourned the case yesterday for a pre-sentence probation report to be furnished to the court. Evidence was given in November last by Garda Bryan McCabe who said when he arrived at the scene the gates to the boy's home were locked.

The boy was sitting down behind them holding a hammer and a plank of wood. When approached the teen ran but was followed by the gardai.

He then became aggressive and "shouted at us that he had loads more weapons and it was 'best to not come after me'".

"He threw an object, it narrowly missed me, when it hit the ground I realised it was a hatchet," said Garda McCabe.

The teenager continued shouting at the gardai and fled into his house but was arrested later, Judge Smyth was told.

The teen had no prior convictions before the incident. The court heard that there had been a domestic incident at the teen's home and his mother had called the gardai.

Defence solicitor Maura Kiely said there had been history of violence in the boy's home and that he was trying to intervene when the gardai came to arrest his father. She said he has realised he behaved badly.

Judge Smyth heard that the boy had started a training course after leaving school. However, he had to quit the course because he had to move around to different refuges with his mother.

Judge Smyth had noted earlier that the boy has not been in trouble since the incident and that his life had stabilised.