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Boy suing his old school for bullying claim

A MINOR suing his former school through his mother over claims he was persistently bullied for two years has been asked to undergo a psychological examination.

The bullying allegedly took place from September 2006 until the child was removed from the school in Galway in December 2008.


It began when the plaintiff was just six years old, Galway Circuit Civil Court was told.

The personal injuries case alleges the boy was subjected to ongoing bullying, victimisation, harassment and physical and verbal aggression, and that as a result he suffered psychological injury and damage that still affects him today.

At the hearing, Judge Pauline Codd was told the defendants, who include the former principal and board of management of the school, had requested that the boy undergo a psychological examination prior to the case being heard.

Mairead Doyle, the solicitor for the boy and his mother, said her clients were not agreeable to undergoing the examination, given the child's age and the nature of the claim involved.

She said this view was shared by the county registrar.

An affidavit from the boy's mother, read to court, said she feared the examination would result in further trauma because of the years of bullying her son allegedly suffered.

She also claimed the school had allowed her son to be exposed to more than two years of psychological and verbal harassment and aggression, adding she had been left with "no option but to remove him from school for his own safety".

She added that her son was now in first year in secondary school and doing well.

And she told how she feared subjecting him to further examinations would see him regress.

"My clients have worked hard over the years to get him to where he is now," said Ms Doyle.


"The issue proceeded as very much a last resort, having tried to resolve this internally with the school," she added.

Defence counsel Cormac McCarthy said the boy's mother was effectively withholding consent for the examination.

Judge Codd said she would not make an order in the case, but she urged the boy's mother to consider her position.