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Boy struck garda in face as she cordoned 'bomb' site

A YOUTH who attacked a garda as she was trying to cordon off an area where a suspected explosive device was found has been remanded on bail pending sentence.

The 17-year-old boy pleaded guilty to assaulting the garda and criminal damage to a patrol car, at Clonmacnoise Road, Crumlin, in Dublin, on July 3 last year, when the scene was being sealed off over what later transpired to be a hoax.

Judge David Anderson heard at the Dublin Children's Court that gardai "had a cordon put in place in relation to a suspected explosive device under a car".


Another youth began to interfere with the cordon and was arrested by the garda at which point the defendant intervened.

"He struck her on the side of her face and shoulder and fled," said Garda Sergeant Brian Lyons.

The teen returned to the scene and scratched the side of a patrol car by throwing a bicycle against it, the judge was also told.

Defence solicitor Sarah Molloy said her client had one other conviction for criminal damage to a mirror in his father's home.

He is due to be sentenced for that in September.

At the time he had been heavily abusing head shop drugs, and the product 'snow blow' in particular.

Judge Anderson sought a probation report and remanded the boy on bail for sentencing in September.