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Boy racer caught as he chased his mother

A 'BOY racer' who accelerated over speed ramps on a street where children were out playing has been fined €200.

Colm Blackburn (20) was trying to catch up with his mother's car further down the road near his home when gardai spotted him.

He was convicted of driving without reasonable consideration in west Dublin.

A court heard he was now no longer driving a modified car.


Blackburn, of Ballyfermot Drive, pleaded guilty to the offence at Ballyfermot Road on June 30, 2009.

Dublin District Court heard it was a bright evening and there were pedestrians on the footpaths as well as children playing nearby. The roadway was narrowed because of cars parked on either side.

Gardai on patrol heard the accused accelerate twice as he went over speed ramps.

"It was a boy racer vehicle with a loud exhaust," the prosecuting garda said. "He said he was trying to keep up with his mother, who was some distance away."