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Boy pepper sprayed over threats to garda

A YOUTH who started arguing with gardai after his friend refused to hand over his beer was sprayed in the face with pepper spray after he broke free from his friend's grip and went for an officer.

The 17-year-old began shouting at a garda, "I'll break you up. I don't give a f**k. You're just a rookie".

A judge applied the probation act after he heard the defendant had no previous convictions.

Judge Patrick McMahon warned the defendant that he will soon turn 18 and could not expect such leniency in the adult courts.

The defendant admitted before Blanchardstown Children's Court to threatening and abusive behaviour and resisting arrest.

The incident took place in Finglas village on May 8 shortly after midnight.

Garda Michael Parry Jones said he approached three youths when he saw them drinking from bottles of beer.

Garda Jones said the defendant handed over his beer but his friend refused to, and there was a struggle with him.

The court heard the defendant then became abusive to the garda, shouting at him, "I'll break you up. You're just a rookie".

He was told to leave the area, but he continued to struggle and his friend was forced to hold him back.

Garda Jones said the youth broke free from his friend's hold and ran at gardai.

He was told to stop, but failed to do so and was sprayed in the face.

Judge McMahon told the youth he shouldn't have been out at that time of night and applied the Probation Act.