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Boy B's lawyers hand in appeal documents for Ana murder case


Schoolgirl Ana Kriegel was murdered in May 2018

Schoolgirl Ana Kriegel was murdered in May 2018

Schoolgirl Ana Kriegel was murdered in May 2018

Lawyers representing one of the boys convicted of murdering schoolgirl Ana Kriegel have submitted documents relating to an appeal against his conviction.

Brendan Grehan, for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), said they received the submissions on behalf of Boy B last Monday and will file their own submissions to the Court of Appeal before the legal term ends on April 3.

The appeal will be heard on April 24.

Mr Grehan said there are three grounds of appeal, two of which will be "relatively brief" while the third "will be a little longer". He said the hearing is likely to take one day.


President of the Court of Appeal Mr Justice George Birmingham said media will be present and rules preventing the publication or broadcast of the boy's identity, family or school will remain in place.

Mr Grehan also suggested it may be necessary to mention the matter again before the appeal date.

He said there are currently no issues with transporting Boy B from where he is detained, but added: "We are all awaiting developments."

He said he does not know if it is possible to set up a video link between the court and the detention centre, but added that such matters could be dealt with at a later date.

The 15-year-old, referred to in court as Boy B, was unanimously found guilty of murdering the "lonely and vulnerable" schoolgirl last June and was sentenced to 15 years' detention, to be reviewed after eight years.

Boy A and Boy B, whose identities cannot be published as they are children, were 13-years-old when they murdered 14-year-old Ana in May 2018.

Boy B lured Ana from her home, knowing that his friend was waiting to attack her in a derelict house in St Catherine's Park, Lucan.

He gave several different versions of events to gardai, but eventually admitted seeing Boy A attacking Ana.

Boy A was also convicted of Ana's aggravated sexual assault in a manner that involved serious violence.

Boy A was sentenced to life imprisonment with a review after 12 years, and eight years' imprisonment for aggravated sexual assault. No appeal has been lodged on his behalf.

Boy B is seeking to appeal against his conviction only, meaning no appeal is being sought against the severity of his sentence.

Mr Justice Birmingham has previously stated that when Boy B's appeal is heard, arrangements will be put in place for the hearing that both sides consider appropriate.


As both boys were children, the Central Criminal Court adopted procedures from the Children's Court, which saw lawyers and judges wearing suits and ties rather than gowns and members of the public denied access to the courtroom.

The earliest possible release date for Boy B is in June 2027.

Sentencing the boys last year, Mr Justice McDermott said the boys' first period in detention would last until they were 18, when they will be transferred to an adult facility.

How both boys faced up to their culpability while in custody would be a factor in determining how long they would eventually end up being detained, Mr Justice McDermott stated.