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Boy accused of attack on street 66pc believe in life after death

A JUDGE has imposed restrictions on the movements of a 15-year-old boy accused of injuring a man during an alleged attack in the city centre earlier this month.

The teenager was charged at the Children's Court with assault causing harm at Wexford Street on January 9.

Judge Clare Leonard heard that the case was "complex" and a lengthy remand was needed to get directions from the DPP.

The court heard that the alleged victim received a "laceration to his left eye, three centimetres".

66pc believe in life after death

Two thirds of people think there is some form of life after death with more than a third saying they believe in heaven, according to a survey published today.

Online research into the views of 3,000 adults has found 66pc believe in life after death, with 35pc saying they believe in heaven.

One in five, or 22pc, claimed they had seen a ghost or felt the presence of a spirit.

And nearly a third described themselves as "spiritual", at 32pc, compared to 25pc who said they were religious.