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Boy (14) acted as raid lookout

A 14-year-old boy, who acted as a lookout when burglars ransacked a house, has been remanded on continuing bail pending sentencing, at the Dublin Children's Court.

The schoolboy, now aged 15, has pleaded guilty to trespassing with intent to commit an attempted theft, at a house in north inner city Dublin, on a date last May.

Judge Heather Perrin yesterday adjourned the case until July when the boy is also to face a hearing for month for interfering with a van, which he denies.

Garda Donal Donaghue told the court that €2,000 worth of property, including jewellery and an X-box games console, was taken.

"There was faeces left around the house," he said adding that the house was "wrecked" by the burglars.