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Boy (12) hid gun for dad, court is told

A BOY took a Glock pistol to a neighbour's house after his father allegedly shot a young man in the back with it, a court heard.

Anthony Kelly (50) of O'Malley Park, Southill, Limerick is on trial in Limerick Circuit Criminal Court after Michael Lynch (27) was shot near Kelly's home on October 28, 2009. The victim survived.

Kelly has pleaded not guilty to possession of a Glock semi-automatic pistol with intent to endanger life.

Mary Lynch -- Michael's mother -- said she returned home the night before the shooting and there was an argument between her son, Gerard, and Jessica Kelly -- Anthony's daughter. Michael Kelly was also there.

Ms Lynch said Jessica left and claimed she was going to fetch her father who was "going to come down and sort the whole lot of us out". Ms Lynch said she went to Kelly's home as she didn't want him to get the wrong story.

At Kelly's home, Jessica and the mother hit each other before Ms Lynch returned home to her two sons. She said her face was scratched and bleeding.


"My two sons were very angry and said they were going up to Jessica about it," she said.

The mother followed her sons to Kelly's home and the two men argued with Kelly.

"Anthony Kelly told me 'If you don't take them away, I'll shoot them'," Ms Lynch said.

She said her sons were standing on the road.

"The next thing I can remember is Anthony Kelly pulling a gun from behind his back and pointing it," she said.

She said the defendant fired three shots from a black gun in his yard before running outside after her sons. Ms Lynch said her son was struck by the fourth shot as he ran away from Kelly.

John O'Sullivan, prosecuting, said that shortly after the shooting incident, the accused's son, Daniel Kelly (12) took the gun used in the shooting to the home of Tony McDonald in O'Malley Park.

The Glock pistol was found with another handgun and ammunition in a bucket a month later. The gun was shown to Judge Carroll Moran.

Michael Lynch was shot once through the back with the exit wound striking his upper arm.

The case continues.