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Boy (12) awaits DPP's decision

A 12-YEAR-OLD boy has appeared in a court in Dublin accused of public order offences but has yet to learn whether his prosecution will proceed in light of his age.

Judge Ann Ryan said at the Dublin Children's Court yesterday that special directions needed to be obtained from the DPP as to whether the case should go ahead in light of the boy's age.

The young boy had been brought before the city's juvenile court on charges of being intoxicated to such an extent he was a danger to himself or others, engaging in threatening, abusive, insulting words or behaviour and failing to comply with a garda's caution.

Legal aid was granted to the boy, who was ordered to appear again next month.

Three killed in plane crash

A SMALL plane en route to an aviation safety conference in the US crashed into a house, killing all three pilots onboard, authorities said.

A resident of the home suffered minor injuries.

The Piper PA-32 single-engine plane had just taken off from Hawkins Field Airport in Mississippi.

The plane's owner said it struck several trees as it went down.

Code machine up for auction

A RARE German Enigma enciphering machine will go under the hammer today and is expected to fetch up to £60,000 (€75,000).

Built by Heimsoeth and Rinke in 1941, the machine encrypted German codes during the Second World War.

Other notable pieces in the auction at Bonhams in London include a complete set of Enigma rotors, which are estimated to fetch up to £8,000 (€10,000).

Woman told lie over jury duty

A WOMAN accused of pretending to be mentally ill to get out of jury duty in Denver has pleaded guilty to perjury.

Susan A Cole showed up for jury duty in 2011 with her hair in curlers and wearing mismatched socks and shoes. She was dismissed after saying she had post-traumatic stress disorder. Months later, the judge heard her telling a radio show about how she lied to get out of jury duty.