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Boxing coaches jailed for beating salon boss

THESE are the two boxing coaches who punched a businessman and repeatedly pushed him in the chest after he fired one of their daughters from his hairdressing salon.

Jason Bonney and Mark Finlay, both 40, left businessman Karim Ne'aime covered in blood following the attack in Malahide.

They had denied the allegation, claiming Mr Ne'aime hit his head on a door as he was pushing them out of his hair salon after he refused to speak to them.

Judge Patrick Brady found the men guilty of assault and sentenced Finlay, who he described as the "more serious aggressor", to six months in prison. Bonney got four months.

Bonney, of Drumnigh Wood, Portmarnock, and Finlay, of Kilmore Willows, Ballyjamesduff in Co Cavan, had strongly denied assaulting Mr Ne'aime at his hairdressing salon at New Street Mall in Malahide.

Mr Ne'aime previously told Swords District Court he was closing the salon around 6pm on March 31 last year when Bonney came to the door to speak to him about his daughter, Jean.

He said he told him "you can't come in", but Bonney started pushing him with both hands. He alleged he pushed him back into the salon, and repeatedly pushed him by the chest to the back of the shop, which was about six metres.

Mr Ne'aime said Finlay then came into the shop and punched him to the right eye, leaving him with blood on his face and shirt.

In his evidence, Bonney claimed he was on his way to collect his daughter Jean from work when she rang in tears to say she'd been sacked. She said Mr Ne'aime refused to pay her wages, give her a reference or her P45.

Bonney said he went into the salon to speak to Mr Ne'aime but was told to "f*** off". He said Mr Ne'aime tried to hit him in the face with the door but he put his foot up to stop him.

He claimed Mr Ne'aime pushed him, and he held up his hands to defend himself. Mr Ne'aime then hit his head on the door.


Finlay, a married father-of-three, claimed he saw Mr Ne'aime hit the door into Bonney so he followed them into the salon. He said Mr Ne'aime was shouting and trying to hit Bonney, so he got between the pair. Judge Brady said Mr Ne'aime's evidence was "clear" and the defendants "contradicted" each other.

The court heard the defendants had never been in trouble before and both volunteered in a local boxing club. Bonney, a father-of-two, also fosters children.

The judge sentenced Bonney to four months and Finlay to six months in prison. He set recognisances for an appeal.