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Boozing mum tucked into packet of store's cakes then tried to flee

A MOTHER-of-three has been prosecuted for "causing criminal damage to cakes" by eating them in a Dublin supermarket.

Jacqueline Kelly (37) scoffed the two pastries without paying for them after she had been drinking on Good Friday afternoon.

When she was confronted by staff, she tried to flee through a fire escape, setting off the store alarm.

Kelly ended up being arrested, charged and brought to court on a criminal damage charge for eating the €1.90 pack of two cakes at the city centre shop.

She was left without a recorded conviction after she pleaded guilty.

Kelly, of Bothair Lein, Harmonstown, admitted the offence.

The charge, under the Criminal Damage Act, happened at Dunne's Stores, North Earl Street, on March 29. Judge Michael Walsh applied the Probation Act.

Garda Declan Reynolds told Dublin District Court he was called at 4.20pm to the supermarket, where several people were detained for shoplifting.

He went to the store-room where Kelly was being held.

The court heard she had gone to the store intoxicated.

She had been drinking "as some Irish people" do on Good Friday, her solicitor Orla Farrell told the court.

Kelly had too much to drink and was very embarrassed by what happened.

The judge dismissed the charge under the Probation of Offenders Act.