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BMW driver (21) abused gardai for seizing mum's car

A YOUNG motorist stopped while driving his mother's BMW was arrested after he abused gardai who were impounding it for having bald tyres.

Philip Moloney (21) took the keys, walked from the car and shouted insults at a garda.

He was fined €250 after he admitted causing a public order offence in Dublin city centre.

Moloney, of Stanaway Road, Crumlin, pleaded guilty to causing a breach of the peace in the March 14 incident.

Garda Brendan Kearns told Dublin District Court he was in an unmarked patrol vehicle at the junction of Fishamble Street and Lord Edward at 8.10pm. He saw a black BMW driven by the defendant go through a red light.

Garda Kearns stopped and spoke to him, noticing that the NCT was out of date and the vehicle had defective tyres.

When the garda said he was going to seize the car, Moloney became very abusive.

He started to make a phone call and refused to stop. He used abusive language, took the car keys and began to walk off, shouting, "Go f*** yourselves" to the gardai as he did so.

Moloney hung around and eventually got into the passenger seat of the car. When told to get out, he said, "F*** off" to the gardai.

A second car arrived and a man began recording what was happening. Moloney got into this car and as it began to drive away, the accused called Garda Kearns a "p****".

The garda arrested him, asking why he had this attitude and Moloney replied: "Because I don't like d***heads". He also said: "You are a big man now with your badge".


Moloney acknowledged that his behaviour and language on the night were unacceptable, his solicitor said.

Although he was not charged with any motoring offence, he maintained he went through an amber light. The tax and insurance on the car were in order and he was not aware of the NCT issue, his solicitor said.

The call he made had been to his mother.

"He says the garda's attitude from the start was difficult and he reacted defensively rather than maintaining calm," Moloney's solicitor continued.

"When the garda said the car would be seized, the situation got heated. He is remorseful and ashamed of his behaviour on the night in question".

Judge Victor Blake said the accused's behaviour was "absolutely appalling".

He fined him €250 and refused to leave him without a conviction.