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'Beserk' man smashed up his mother's house


Ballymun Garda Station

Ballymun Garda Station

Ballymun Garda Station

A YOUNG man was arrested after he went “berserk” and began smashing up his mother’s house, a court heard.

Sean Butterly (23) reacted after his mother became concerned when he locked himself into his room and got someone to break the door in.

He was arrested when he ran out on to the street in a drunken, aggressive state.

Butterly admitted charges of breach of the peace and public intoxication outside his home at Whiteacre Place, Ballymun.

Judge Hugh O’Donnell fined him a total of €550.

Dublin District Court heard gardai were called to his house by his mother on May 31 last.

He was “smashing up her house” and ran out on to the street in an aggressive manner shouting verbal abuse.

He had €10 worth of cannabis on him when he was arrested.

Butterly had locked himself into his bedroom having consumed a large quantity of alcohol and tablets, his barrister Emmet Nolan said.

His mother became fearful and got somebody else to break into the room. Butterly did not know this person and went “berserk”, Mr Nolan said.