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Beauty executive gets a week to pay €30k to motor insurers group


Beauty entrepreneur Paul Mooney

Beauty entrepreneur Paul Mooney

Beauty entrepreneur Paul Mooney

A Dublin-based beauty entrepreneur has been ordered to pay €29,335 to the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) within seven days.

Paul Mooney, the former chief executive in Ireland of global cosmetics brand Flormar, appeared before Dublin District Court yesterday in relation to monies owed to the MIBI arising out of a personal injury claim against him.

Mooney, a father-of-two and owner of companies The Cosmetic Outlet and Madison Makeup, was driving without insurance when he was involved in a road traffic accident in September 2011.


The MIBI, a not-for-profit organisation, that was established to compensate victims of road traffic accidents caused by uninsured and unidentified vehicles, pursued Mooney for costs of €50,116.85.

Cosmetologist Mooney had initially claimed that he could not afford to pay this amount.

However, the MIBI's legal team argued the statement of means provided by Mooney did not provide an accurate reflection of his financial position. He was subsequently ordered to sell two of his cars, a Toyota Rav4 and a Mercedes CLA 180.

The two vehicles were recently sold for a combined €28,335 and Judge Michael Coghlan ordered this amount to be discharged within the next seven days, along with a monthly payment of €1,000.

Judge Coghlan previously warned the beauty expert that if the cars were not sold by yesterday, September 4, he would be "facing Mountjoy".

"You're running out of chances. You've been audacious in your evidence to say the least," he added.


Judge Coghlan thanked both legal teams "for your great patience".

The matter has been ongoing for the past year.

Mooney must now make monthly payments of €1,500 from October 11 to discharge the rest of the monies owed to the MIBI.