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Barrister accused of headbutt attack on creche director

THE trial has begun of a barrister accused of headbutting the director of a Dublin creche and breaking her nose.

Michael Waters (41), of Ava Avenue, Belfast, denies assaulting the woman at the creche on January 4, 2012.

The woman told Colm O'Briain, prosecuting, that she was in her home office on the day in question when one of her staff phoned her at about midday to say Waters had arrived.

She said she ran around to the creche, went upstairs to a room where children were having their dinner, and asked Waters if she could have a word with him in her office.

The woman claimed Waters said he wasn't leaving. She said when she repeated that she wanted to have a chat by themselves, he became upset and pushed her twice.

The woman said some of the young children in the room began to cry and get upset. She went outside with Waters, who turned to go back in.

The woman said she had her hand on the door handle blocking Waters from getting back into the room, and that he was shouting and trying to bang her hand off the door. She said the accused said he was going to bite her, and tried to bite her face and her hand.

"Then he headbutted me straight into the face," she said.

She said her nose was bleeding and that Mr Waters said, "I did nothing to you, you did that to yourself", and then turned and tripped over his feet and landed on the ground.


The court heard that Waters has a condition that leaves him unsteady on his feet.

The jury were shown photographs of the woman's injuries including a fractured nasal bone which required surgery, and bruising to her eyes and arms.

Defence barrister Marie Torrens said Waters told gardai that the woman had pushed him aside, become irate and held the door shut to block him from getting in.

Waters also said that the woman had made derogatory remarks about the legal profession and said she would get a garda to "sort him out".

The defendant also said the woman had become physical with him, pushing and shoving him away from the door and dragging him to the ground.

The trial continues at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.