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Banned driver 'didn't get very far' trying to give a false name


James Lawrence ‘was always going to be caught’ a court heard

James Lawrence ‘was always going to be caught’ a court heard

James Lawrence ‘was always going to be caught’ a court heard

A banned driver who gave gardaí a false name when they stopped him on the road again was "always going to be caught", a court heard.

Father-of-two James Lawrence (22) "didn't get very far" and handed over his real identification when gardaí challenged him.

Judge David McHugh banned him from driving for six years and put him on a one-year peace bond.

Lawrence, of Burgage Gardens, Newcastle, Co Dublin, pleaded guilty to driving without insurance and giving gardaí false details.

Blanchardstown District Court heard gardaí were on patrol at Lucan-Newlands Road last October 8 when they saw a car with full headlights on and stopped the driver.

He gave his name as Martin Stokes but gardaí could not find a record on the system so asked him for his licence.


He took a provisional licence from his pocket, which confirmed his real name.

The accused had two previous convictions for uninsured driving and was given a four-year ban in 2017, the court heard. Lawrence "didn't get very far" when he gave the gardaí a false name, his solicitor Simon Fleming said. "He was always going to be caught."

Lawrence was married with two children and the incident was "a very stupid thing for him to be involved in.

"It would have been open to him to play ducks and drakes with the court, but he hasn't done that, he's fallen on his sword," Mr Fleming said.

He said he had told the accused the jeopardy he had put himself in "with this carry on" and asked the judge not to jail Lawrence.

Judge McHugh put the accused on a bond to keep the peace for 12 months and disqualified him.