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Babysitter in court over no TV licence -- in boss's home

A BABYSITTER was brought to court -- after signing an inspector's summons at her employer's house despite not living there.

The nanny appeared in court after an An Post inspector charged her for not having a TV licence at the address she was working.

Susie Linnane was summonsed for not having the TV licence when she was babysitting at her sister's home at Moyglare Village, Maynooth.

Kilcock District Court heard that the TV licence inspector called to the door on July 27, 2010, when the babysitter signed a summons even though it was not her home.

She told the court that she had explained to the authorities that she did not live in the house -- but she was told to appear in court anyway because she had signed for and therefore accepted the summons.

But the An Post representative said in court: "If somebody had told us we'd have been able to sort this out."


Ms Linnane said that she had rung the authorities and informed them of the situation, and she also stressed that her sister had a valid TV licence at the time of the charge. The case was then struck out by Judge Desmond Zaidan.

Kilcock councillor Liam Doyle commented on the case, saying that it was a complete waste of time and common sense did not prevail.

"It's like most things, common sense needs to prevail and obviously common sense has gone out the window just because someone should have noticed.

"There are so many checks in place before it goes to court, and it should have been noticed that the young lassie was signing it in innocence, and that she was not part of the house.

"She's completely innocent, the young lassie signed the document at the door possibly in the belief that she was the occupant in the house at the time, but when it was pointed out that it had nothing to do with her, it should have stopped there."

The councillor stressed that the authorities had a duty to ensure that mistakes like this didn't happen again.