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Baby-murder mum celebrated €12,000 lottery win on bail

A MOTHER is facing a life sentence for murdering her two-year-old son after months of "horrifying" abuse.

Rebecca Shuttleworth was described as a "monster" by a senior detective after being convicted of murdering Keanu Williams and four counts of child cruelty.

It's been revealed today that she was filmed celebrating a £10,000 (€11,700) lottery win while on bail for the murder.

A two-minute video posted on YouTube by the People's Postcode Lottery shows the 25-year-old shouting in delight as her friend is presented with a "Street Prize" cheque outside a property in Rusholme, Manchester, England.



A friend of the Shuttleworth family said people who knew her were sickened by her decision to celebrate the win in public around eight months after her son's death.

The friend said: "It turned people's stomachs to see her so happy after the terrible things she'd done.

"She was whooping and celebrating without a scrap of guilt. She deserves to rot in hell."

Shuttleworth, who will be sentenced today at Birmingham Crown Court, beat Keanu to death after apparently convincing her social worker that she had turned her life around.

The 25-year-old is also known to have explained away numerous injuries to her son by saying he had been fighting with siblings or was clumsy.

A serious case review into Keanu's death, which is expected to examine social services contact with his mother, will be published in the near future.

In a statement issued after Shuttleworth was unanimously convicted following a six-month trial, the chair of Birmingham's Safeguarding Children Board acknowledged that chances to take action had been missed.



Jane Held, the independent chair of the multi-agency Board, said: "This is an extremely sad case and my sympathies are with those who knew Keanu.

"The person responsible for his death has been held to account; following a trial Keanu's mother Rebecca Shuttleworth has been convicted of murder.

"It is already clear that there are lessons to learn from how various agencies worked together to support Keanu and his family.

"The serious case review will be published shortly.